How Vascular Diseases are Diagnosed at Premier Vascular and Vein Center

by | Jul 20, 2023 | News, Vascular Disease

In today’s health-conscious world, understanding and managing vascular diseases is of utmost importance. From aching legs to severe conditions like stroke, vascular diseases can impact our lives in many ways. The process of diagnosing these conditions can be complex, which is where Premier Vascular and Vein Center in Knoxville, TN steps in with our cutting-edge technology and experienced Vascular Surgery team.

How Vascular Diseases are Diagnosed

Understanding Vascular Diseases

Vascular diseases refer to conditions affecting your blood vessels – your arteries and veins. These diseases can cause debilitating conditions such as varicose veins, aortic aneurysms, stroke, and peripheral arterial disease. Early detection and treatment are crucial to managing these conditions effectively. 

Diagnosing Vascular Diseases: The Premier Way

Diagnosing vascular diseases begins with understanding your symptoms and medical history. At Premier Vascular and Vein Center, we take this very seriously. Our board-certified vascular physicians will conduct an initial assessment to understand your symptoms and concerns, which guides the path to diagnosis and treatment.

One of the primary tools for diagnosing vascular diseases is through imaging technology, and Premier’s on-site Ultrasound Laboratory plays a pivotal role in this process. This lab is not your typical diagnostic center; it is home to an entire team of Registered Vascular Technologists. This skilled group of professionals utilizes state-of-the-art ultrasound technology to visualize the blood vessels and detect any abnormalities that could indicate vascular disease.

Ultrasound imaging is non-invasive and uses sound waves to create detailed images of the blood vessels. By doing this, our technologists can see the flow of blood and detect problems like blood clots, blockages, or weakened walls of blood vessels.

More than Just Diagnosis

While diagnosis is a significant step in managing vascular diseases, it’s just the beginning. Premier Vascular and Vein Center goes a step further. We have a team of board-certified vascular surgeons who have years of experience in treating vascular diseases. These specialists take the information gained from the ultrasound and other diagnostic tests to form a treatment plan tailored to your specific needs.

Premier Surgical Vascular and Vein Center in Knoxville, TN, is your go-to center for vascular disease diagnosis and treatment. We are at the forefront of vascular healthcare, and our commitment is to provide excellent patient care in a safe and comfortable environment. 

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