Having visible veins, or vascular lesions can affect the way we see ourselves. They can be very visible (long and bulging) or spider veins, which are smaller, finer and shorter (lines or web-like). And with the warmer months just right around the corner, having those hideous lesions removed with the new Vasculaze laser treatment at Premier Vascular & Vein Center in Knoxville can give you the confidence to wear shorts and enjoy showing off your legs without feeling insecure about your appearance.

What is Vasculaze?
Vasculaze is a procedure used for alleviating facial and leg vein issues. It’s a specialized diode laser treatment that works well for vascular lesions like spider veins, port wine stains, and angiomas.

How does it work?
Vasculaze uses a high-peak power laser that targets the pigmented hemoglobin. It causes them to break up and in the long run, fade away.

What can Vasculaze treat?
Vasculaze can treat different vascular lesions such as spider veins, port wine stains, and leg veins.

The most common areas of treatment include the face, arms, upper thighs, back of thighs, and the lower legs.

What can you expect before, during, and after the procedure?
Before your treatment, your treatment specialist may recommend you to:

• avoid any sun exposure or tanning (through salons or self-tanning treatments) 3 to 4 weeks before the procedure
• avoid any topical treatments or products 2 to 3 days before treatment
• avoid anticoagulants 7 to 10 days before treatment
• keep the treated area clean and free of hair

Vasculaze is a quick procedure. In fact, it only takes a few seconds per vein to be treated. You can basically come to the office and leave after a few minutes, depending on the area to be treated.

After treatment, you would have to protect the treated area from sun exposure. You should also have to discuss with your Vein Specialist which activities that may bring blood flow to the treated area. In some cases, you may have to wait for a few days to a week before you can resume regular activities. This still depends on the area you had treated.

How much does it cost?
Vasculaze usually costs between $200 to $600 per session. You may need several sessions to achieve optimum results. We encourage you to talk to your vein provider to see if you are a candidate for Vasculaze.

Premier Surgical Vascular and Vein Center in Knoxville, TN offers Vasculaze performed by our dedicated spider vein specialist. She is skilled in administering minimally invasive, in-office treatments like Vasculaze and Sclerotherapy.

To request an appointment, please call (865) 588-8229 or visit https://www.premiervascularveincenter.com/vasculaze-appointment-request/.