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Your circulatory system is huge. In fact, if your blood vessels have to be stretched from end to end, it would wrap the Earth twice!

Anything that impacts the system can affect the way it functions and in turn, can impact your quality of life.

Any condition that affects your vascular system is called a vascular disease. A vascular surgeon is a highly trained specialist who treats diseases of the vascular system. Premier Vascular and Vein Center in Knoxville boasts the largest team of board-certified Vascular Surgeons in the East Tennessee region.

How a vascular surgeon can help you
If it’s suspected that you have a vascular disease, you may be referred to a vascular surgeon.

A vascular surgeon doesn’t just do surgeries. He/she can also see vascular disease patients who don’t require surgery. In many cases, vascular problems can be managed with medication and/or with lifestyle changes.

And if you do require surgery for your condition, a vascular surgeon can help you with that.

Vascular surgeons are trained to perform a wide array of procedures – from open, complicated procedures, to minimally invasive, endovascular procedures.

Vascular surgeons often have long-term relationship with their patients
It’s not uncommon for vascular surgeons to have long-term relationships with their patients. This is because while vascular disease cannot be “cured”, it can be managed over the long term.

If you have a dedicated,board-certified vascular surgeon, like the vascular experts at Premier Vascular and Vein Center, you will be assured of quality care vascular care. Over the past two decades, Premier’s Vascular Surgeons have treated and diagnosed more vascular patients than anyone else in East Tennessee.

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