vein treatments - Knoxville, TN

Whether you have smaller spider veins or large swollen varicose veins, Premier Vein and Vascular Center in Knoxville offers a variety of vein treatments for your needs. We offer:

This procedure works well for both small and large spider veins. This is an in-office procedure that involves the injection of a vein-irritating agent that causes the diseased vein to swell, collapse, and eventually fade away. It is considered a cosmetic treatment, so Scleo isn’t usually covered by insurance plans.

Ambulatory phlebectomy
If you have medium to large varicose veins, you may benefit from this procedure.

Another in-office procedure, ambulatory phlebectomy involves the removal of portions of varicose veins through pinhole incisions using a hook. Ambulatory phlebectomy may be used in conjunction with other vein treatments.

Endovenous laser and radiofrequency therapy
These procedures use laser energy to heat the inside of the diseased vein, causing it to scar and eventually clot off.

The laser energy is introduced through a small puncture in the leg. Blood flow is then redirected to healthy veins. Laser treatment may be used in conjunction with ambulatory phlebectomy and sclerotherapy.

Ambulatory phlebectomy and laser vein treatments are covered by most insurance plans.

Unsure which vein treatment would suit you best? Our team at Premier Vein and Vascular Center in Knoxville will determine the option that’s most appropriate for you!

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