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If you have spider veins, sclerotherapy can help get rid of them.

What is sclerotherapy?

Sclerotherapy is a procedure that involves the injection of a solution into the affected vein. The solution, which is usually a salt solution, irritates the lining of the blood vessel. This causes the affected vein to collapse and stick together. 

Eventually, the treated vein turns into scar tissue and fades into view.

Who are the candidates for sclerotherapy?

Before you can undergo sclerotherapy, a vascular medicine specialist will assess your condition to determine if you’re a good candidate for the procedure.

There are several factors that a specialist would look into.

If you’re pregnant or taking birth control pills, you are not eligible for sclerotherapy. You may or may not be a candidate if you have a history of blood clotting (your eligibility will depend on your overall health condition and underlying cause of blood clots).

What to expect during sclerotherapy?

Sclerotherapy is usually done in a doctor’s office. 

During the procedure, a solution is injected directly into the affected vein. There may be mild discomfort or cramping during the first few minutes especially if a large vein is involved.

It takes about 30 minutes to complete the procedure. You will be advised to not do any aerobic activity a few days after the procedure.

Sclerotherapy at Premier Surgical

Premier Surgical Vein Clinics in Knoxville has a well-experienced Sclero Nurse, Angie Jacobs who performs sclerotherapy. She is very passionate about her work at Premier Surgical Vein Clinics and stresses the importance of patient education and relationship.

This is what Nurse Angie has to say about that:

“I am extremely passionate about Sclerotherapy and take my job very seriously. I am very fortunate to specialize in a field that allows me the opportunity to treat both the physical and visual symptoms associated with spider and varicose veins. I feel it important to develop a trustworthy relationship with each of my patients. This allows the patient to feel confident and satisfied with the treatment that I provide.”

As a Sclerotherapy specialist, Nurse Angie will work with you to come up with an individualized treatment plan, to decrease your symptoms and improve the appearance of your spider veins.

You can request a FREE Sclero consultation with Angie by filling out this form or by calling (865) 588-8229.