Sclerotherapy has become the go-to treatment of patients with smaller varicose and spider veins. It involves the injection of a liquid solution or foam directly into the vein, usually in your legs. This solution is an irritant, causing the vein to shut and block the flow of the blood. Eventually, the injected vein will become scar tissue and disappear.

Why is it done?

Like other vein treatments, sclerotherapy is done to improve the appearance of discolored spider veins. (Sclero doesn’t help swelling & burning)

Before Sclerotherapy

Prior to the procedure, Premier Vein Clinic’s dedicated sclerotherapy nurse will provide a thorough physical exam of your legs, which includes an evaluation of your affected veins and assessing the other veins for the existence of other conditions.

Your overall health will be assessed as well. You will be asked questions pertaining to your health such as your recent or existing medical health conditions, medications including supplements that you have taken and currently taking, allergies, and history of varicose vein treatment and the results of such treatment.

After the Procedure

You’ll be able to get up and walk soon after the procedure is done. Movement helps in preventing the formation of blood clots.

You’ll be advised to wear compression stockings for about 2 weeks to maintain the compression on the treated veins.

Strenuous activities and exposure to the sun should be avoided 2 weeks after the procedure to reduce the risk of developing dark spots.


Winter is the Perfect Time for Vein Treatment!

Winter is an ideal time to undergo vein treatment, like sclerotherapy, as you can easily conceal the treated site with long pants. Plus, winter provides your legs an ample time to heal, making you dress/shorts-ready for summer and spring!

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