If you’re living with varicose veins, you know how bothersome they can be. Not just because of the way they look, but also because of the discomfort they cause.

While self-care, such as elevating the legs, increasing physical activity, and wearing compression garments can help in easing the pain caused by varicose veins, seeking professional medical treatment can help to alleviate the symptoms and improve the appearance of them altogether.

When is the Best Time to Get Vein Treatments?

Varicose vein treatments are best done during cold weather for a few reasons. For one, wearing of compression garments is more comfortable during colder seasons. These garments are recommended to use after vein treatment and help in keeping the treated veins from collapsing. Compression garments also provide additional protection from deep vein clotting, as they help prevent stagnation of blood in the legs.

Another reason cold weather is ideal for vein treatments is because there is minimal exposure to UV rays in comparison to the summer time. Whether you undergo a non-invasive or minimally invasive procedure, protection from the sun is often recommended after vein treatment.

Vein Treatment Options at Premier Vein Clinic

There are different vein treatments available for people with varicose veins. These are good options for those who are concerned with the way these veins look and for those with symptoms that don’t seem to improve even with self-care measures.

The specialists at Premier Vein Clinic in Knoxville are experienced in the diagnosis and treatment of vascular and vein diseases. For over a decade, we’ve been helping our clients say goodbye to their varicose veins. Some of the vein treatments we offer include sclerotherapy, ambulatory phlebectomy, endovenous laser therapy, and radiofrequency ablation endovenous therapy.

  • Sclerotherapy
    Sclerotherapy is a medical procedure that involves the injection of a solution directly into the affected vein. This solution causes irritation on the lining of the blood vessel, causing it to collapse and eventually clot.
  • Ambulatory Phlebectomy
    Ambulatory phlebectomy is an outpatient procedure that gets rid of superficial veins through slit-like incisions in the skin.
  • Endovenous Laser Therapy
    Performed by a vascular surgeon, phlebotomist, or interventional radiologist, endovenous laser therapy is a minimally-invasive and ultrasound-guided procedure. This involves insertion of an optical fiber into the affected vein. The laser is activated while the laser fiber is slowly withdrawn, causing obliteration of the affected vein.
  • Radiofrequency Ablation Endovenous Therapy
    Radiofrequency ablation endovenous therapy is another minimally-invasive procedure for varicose veins. Using radiofrequency, diseased veins are heated and sealed.

If you’re tired of living with painful varicose veins or unsightly spider veins, take action! You don’t have to live with the appearance and discomfort that they can cause. To find out what treatment option is best for you, call 865-588-8229 or request a free vein screening online today.