Brad Helms, a local worship leader and young father of two, had been suffering from leg pain for nearly twelve years before he finally decided to seek help from the vascular experts at Premier Surgical Vein Clinics in Knoxville.

Brad was a high school athlete, and upon graduating, noticed a strange spot that showed up on his right shin. The spot was a clump of veins that, in the beginning, caused no pain but was very sensitive to the touch.

Thinking it would resolve on its own, Brad resumed life as usual. When he changed jobs from an active management position that kept him on his feet, to a 9-5 desk job, he noticed that the spot on his right shin began to get worse.

Eventually the pain became so severe that he could no longer comfortably exercise, play golf, and do all of the things he loved. Not only had the spot on his right shin gotten worse, but a new, painful vein clump had developed below his left knee that started to raise and become sore.

Brad’s mother had a similar issue in her leg and saw Dr. George Pliagas at Premier Vein Clinics  in Knoxville. She was the one who referred Brad to Dr. Pliagas.

Premier’s Vascular Surgeon, Dr. George Pliagas treated each of Brad’s legs separately, a couple of months apart to allow for proper healing. Dr. Pliagas performed Endovenous Laser Therapy (EVLT) and phlebectomy (plucking out the veins) on his right leg in April, and left leg in July.

“They (the staff at Premier Surgical) treated me so well. Dr. Pliagas was very informative and to the point, which I appreciated. He looked at the issue, developed a plan, and helped me understand what was going on,” said Brad. “His assistant, Kim Hardy, who helped with the surgery was fantastic as well. Everyone was phenomenal.”

Only four weeks after the procedure, Brad was able to get out on the golf course again. He is no longer living with the pain in his legs and the swelling is completely gone. Brad can now work out comfortably, run on the treadmill, spend time with his family, and play with his children freely.

“The number one thing that this experience has changed is my mindset. When my four year-old son goes to run at me and hits me in the shin, months ago I would’ve had to jump away from him to avoid the pain, but now I have no worries. I can play with him without any hesitation.”

If you are suffering from leg pain that is holding you back from living your best life, request your free vein screening online today, or call 865-588-8229. The vascular experts at Premier Vein Clinics  in Knoxville would love to help you get your legs – and your life – back.

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