When it comes to seeking treatment for your varicose veins, the good news is that you have choices when it comes to finding the best vein expert. However, it can be difficult to know what to consider when making that choice. The business of varicose vein treatment has become increasingly competitive, especially as the Baby Boomer generation ages and varicose vein symptoms tend to worsen with age. In the past decade there has been a steady proliferation of vein doctors and clinics throughout the country. Consider the following when choosing which doctor is best qualified to perform your procedure.

Ask For A Vascular Surgeon

Make sure that your vein specialist is a vascular surgeon—they have the training, expertise, and hands-on skill to perform procedures optimally. Choosing a vein clinic staffed with vascular surgeons who can perform a variety of procedures is crucial to the successful outcome of your varicose vein treatment.

Look For One Who Educates, Not Exaggerates

Advertising of vein clinics can be confusing, and some practitioners may try to attract clients by exaggerating what they can offer. Don’t fall for advertisements from clinics that claim their treatments are “unique” or “permanent.” While those claims may be tempting, they may not be legitimate. It’s especially misleading to make such claims before properly evaluating and diagnosing the severity of your varicose veins.

The best vein clinic will use a precise diagnostic ultrasound procedure—known as duplex vein scanning—to determine the exact condition of your vein dysfunction. This helps your doctor determine the best course of treatment which, in turn, leads to a much higher success rate of restoring your healthy legs. Your physician should then take the time to talk with you about your expectations and educate you on your options.

Evaluate The Treatment Options Offered

Varicose vein disease is complex, and not all dysfunctional veins are the same. What someone else may require for treatment may not be the right choice for you. The vascular surgeons in top vein clinics should have a number of up-to-date treatment options to consider in determining the best course for you, depending on the severity and the location of your varicose veins.

Thankfully, the newer high-tech treatment techniques of the past decade have eliminated painful procedures such as vein stripping. Look for a clinic that offers in-office, minimally invasive treatments such as sclerotherapy, ambulatory phlebectomy. endovenous laser therapy, and radiofrequency ablation endovenous therapy. Your vein specialist may recommend one of these treatments, or a combination based on your situation.

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