You’ve Been Diagnosed With Varicose Veins. Now What-If you’ve been diagnosed with varicose veins, take heart. At Premier Vein Clinics of Knoxville, we reassure our patients that have been newly diagnosed with varicose veins with two facts. First, you’re not alone. As many as 40 million people suffer from varicose veins in the U.S., which is nearly half the population. Second, know that the painful vein stripping procedures of the past are no longer the norm. In fact, treatment of varicose veins has never been easier or more effective.

If you’ve been diagnosed by your primary care doctor, your next step is to find a qualified vein specialist near you. Treatment of vein diseases is a highly specialized field and you want a physician who is skilled in the most up-to-date vein procedures. Doctors in various fields may refer to themselves as  “vein specialists,” but physicians that are specifically trained in venous disease—such as vascular surgeons—have the extra knowledge and experience to diagnose and treat varicose veins. Choose a clinic that’s dedicated solely to vein disease.

After an initial consultation, your vein specialist will recommend a course of action best suited to treating your specific symptoms, with consideration of your optimal health and lifestyle in mind. A regimen of home self-care may be the first line of defense in reducing symptoms of varicose veins such as pain and swelling in the legs. Your Premier Vein Clinics physician may recommend that you wear compression stockings to improve circulation in your legs, or that you elevate your legs above your heart for a certain amount of time each day to relieve pressure in your legs and reduce swelling.

Depending on the severity of your varicose vein diagnosis, your vein specialist may recommend an in-office, minimally invasive procedure such as Endovenous Laser Therapy (EVLT), Radiofrequency Ablation (RFA), Ambulatory Phlebectomy to treat more severe varicose veins, or sclerotherapy injections to address the appearance of small spider veins. Each of these procedures are typically completed in less than an hour and require little or no down time.

The good news is that your varicose vein diagnosis is the first step on your path towards improving the function and appearance of your legs, so consider it an invitation say goodbye to the suffering your varicose veins have been causing.

Premier Vein Clinic of Knoxville’s experienced vein specialists can help you take the next step towards saying goodbye to your varicose veins. Request a consult online or call (865) 588-8229 and schedule an appointment today.