Held hostage by severe pain in his legs, James “Eddie” Bilbrey of Rockwood could only bear to stand for 30 minutes before needing to find a seat.

Eddie Bilbrey says treatment of his painful varicose veins gave him his life back.

Eddie Bilbrey says treatment of his painful varicose veins gave him his life back.

His once daily routine of walks and exercise vanished. Even though he was not diabetic, many of his symptoms pointed to diabetic neuropathy. After consulting doctor after doctor (and friends who were doctors), Bilbrey thought he might need major surgery.

Not one to settle, 72-year-old Bilbrey found his miracle at Premier Vein Clinics.

The leg cramps and bulging, painful varicose veins that had plagued him for years disappeared after two laser treatments, one for each leg, at Premier Vein Clinics.

The in-office, noninvasive treatments had Bilbrey back on his feet “and doing the things I had always done. I was back to myself because of Premier.”

Long gone are hospital stays and invasive surgical treatments, explains Dr. Christopher Pollock, a board-certified vascular surgeon at Knoxville’s Premier Vein Clinics. Thanks to advancements in medical technology, most procedures require only a local anesthetic, take an hour or less, and have little or no side effects or downtime.

“Varicose veins are not just your grandmother’s disease,” says Dr. Pollock. Striking at any age, “many assume assume varicose veins are just part of aging and that treating them is merely a cosmetic issue.”
Dr. Christopher Pollock, Vascular Surgeon

Dr. Christopher Pollock, Vascular Surgeon

“The truth is, treating varicose veins is medically necessary, and the condition affects both men and women. It is best not to ignore, because treatment can be far more important than just being able to show off your legs again.”

Varicose veins result from valves that are damaged or diseased and do not close properly. “Over time, varicose veins can result in pain and numbness, skin ulcers or even a serious blood clot,” explains Dr. Pollock.

The board-certified vascular specialists at Premier Vein Clinics are trained in the diagnosis and treatment of spider and varicose veins and venous disease, and use their clinical experience to determine the best treatment option.

The success rate of treatment procedures is about 99 percent, says Dr. Pollock. “Vein treatment has never been easier. The treatment options are highly viable and covered by most health insurance.”

“There is no reason to continue waiting and enduring the pain,” says Bilbrey.

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