Leg pain at night and varicose veins- 3 surprising factsIf you have ever been awakened at night by a sudden leg cramp or charley horse, you know just how painful this can be. You have probably heard a common solution to leg cramping is to simply eat a banana. But what if your leg pain is the result of something else? Something like varicose veins? If that is the case then you may need more than a banana to ease the discomfort.

Leg pain at night can be contributed to a number of different causes. It is important to take chronic leg pain seriously and talk with your physician about a possible cause. If you have varicose veins and are experiencing leg pain at night here are 3 facts to keep in mind:

  1. Leg pain at night is one of many symptoms of varicose veins. Increased pressure in the leg from leaky valves or weakened vein walls can lead to aching and an overall sensation of heaviness in the legs. These symptoms tend to worsen at night following a day spent primarily on your feet. The good news is relief will likely be found in the morning, but if the problem is recurrent and negatively impacting your quality of life, it is time to seek treatment.
  2. There are steps you can take to ease the pain. If leg pain is keeping you awake at night it is definitely time for you to consider treatment for your varicose veins. If you have not tried any home care tips for relief start with elevating your legs for 10 minutes at the end of every day and if possible, sleep with your legs slightly elevated.
  3. Leg cramps at night are common but should not be overlooked. Pain is the body’s natural way of signaling to you something is not right. If pain is frequent, recurrent, or holds you back from doing things you enjoy, discuss this symptom with your physician. There are many potential causes of leg pain surfacing at night – varicose veins are simply one of many. Varicose veins can be easily treated with little to no downtime, but you want to ensure this truly is the cause of your pain so you will have realistic expectations post treatment. Treating varicose veins is likely to bring relief from leg pain at night, but it is not guaranteed.

It is important to discover the true cause of your leg pain at night in order to eradicate the discomfort and get you back to uninterrupted sleep!

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