Can Varicose Veins Cause Swelling in LegsveYes, varicose veins can absolutely cause swelling in the legs. As a result of varicose veins, leg swelling can vary from slight to severe swelling at the ankles. It occurs when small blood vessels leak releasing fluid into nearby tissues. As the leaky fluid accumulates, swelling occurs. Leg swelling as a result of vein leakage tends to worsen as the day progresses while also being aggravated by heat and sitting or standing for prolonged periods.

To combat leg swelling due to varicose veins try these techniques:

  • Wear compression stockings. This is a first line of defense in combatting leg swelling. Graduated compression garments work by applying pressure on your veins with the tightest compression around your ankles and gradually reducing tension up your legs all the way to your thigh. The purpose is to assist in directing blood flow from your feet back up your legs to your heart without the pooling of stagnant blood.
  • Elevate the legs. If you spend a considerable amount of time on your feet it is a good idea to take time to elevate your legs with your feet above your heart for 10 minute intervals a few times each day. This allows gravity to support the normal flow of blood reducing any blood pooling and easing associated swelling.
  • Get active. Physical activity is a great way to stimulate proper blood flow. It also helps build muscles in the calf to help return blood through the veins back up the legs to your heart. If you are required to sit at your job, take frequent breaks to get in a brisk walk.

Premier Vein Clinics of Knoxville is equipped with the latest duplex ultrasound technology to diagnose vein insufficiency. Since this is one of the leading culprits of leg swelling, caring for vein problems early can do a great deal in keeping it under control. Swelling of the legs can be an indication of one of many underlying diseases and should be taken seriously. If you have leg swelling coupled with other symptoms of varicose veins take our online assessment to see if you could benefit from a consultation with one of Premier Vein Clinic’s experienced vascular surgeons.

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