common-recovery-questions-for-varicose-vein-treatment-300x300Approximately 40 million Americans are affected by vein disease and many of those will undergo treatment for varicose veins at some point in their life. Some common questions regarding recovery from treatment at Premier Vein Clinics include:

How will I feel immediately after the procedure?

Patients may feel sore or uncomfortable initially after a varicose vein procedure. Discomfort is generally manageable and normally subsides within two weeks of the procedure. Moderate daily physical activity helps to reduce the risk of any blood clots and also expedite the resolution of any discomfort in the treated leg.

When a varicose vein is closed off during vein treatment, where does the blood go?

Within your body, you have an incredible amount of veins. Specifically in your legs, there are plenty of veins to choose from. When a vein is closed off during the treatment of a varicose vein, the blood is simply rerouted to a healthy vein and the circulatory systems is not disrupted in any way by the loss of a diseased vein.

What are potential complications from varicose vein treatment?

Fortunately, there are rarely any serious complications reported with treatments such as sclerotherapy and EVLT.  But as with any medical procedure, there are risks involved. Side effects may include mild bruising, itching, and tenderness or tightness in the leg. Most side effects will subside within two weeks of treatment. Complications are rare but may include infection or clotting.

How long is the recovery period after treatment?

In most cases, patients are able to return to work the same day. Each patient will receive procedure-specific instructions from their provider explaining recommended restrictions on strenuous exercise and lifting. Patients are encouraged to return to a normal routine as soon as possible as this will expedite the healing process. Moderate exercise such as walking or riding an exercise bike are great options for promoting optimal and gradual recovery.

What is the success rate of varicose vein treatment?

Treatment options today have a very high, long-term success rate when performed by one of Premier Vein Clinics’ experienced board- certified vascular surgeon. Premier Vein Clinics patients report great results from our most popular treatments, including Sclerotherapy, Ambulatory Phlebectomy, EVLT, and Radiofrequency Ablation Endovenous Therapy.

At Premier Vein Clinics, we know veins…it’s what we do every day. Vein treatments have never been easier or more effective as they are today. We can restore healthy, great-looking legs in about an hour. Request an appointment with one of our Premier Vein Clinics specialists today!