Varicose Vein Treatment Will my Insurance Cover It Common Steps to Insurance CoverageWorried about the cost of having your varicose veins treated? You are not alone but don’t let that hold you back. The staff at Premier Vein Clinics is experienced in working with patients on following the appropriate steps to work towards maximum coverage based on your individual insurance. We work with patients on an individual basis, therefore no two experience are alike. However, these are some common steps you can expect to take when seeking insurance coverage for varicose vein treatment:

1. It all starts with the initial consult. Your physician will complete a thorough physical exam and take your medical history to determine, based upon the severity of your condition, whether treatment is necessary. If it is determined medical treatment is needed, the first step in the process is proper documentation to support this claim. This will include verification from a thorough exam and in most cases, results from an ultrasound diagnostic procedure. To learn more about the role of ultrasound imaging in screening and diagnosis click here .

2. Determine if the provider is In Network or Out of Network. The staff at Premier Vein Clinics will work with your insurance company to find out the optimal coverage for the procedure in question. Prior to scheduling any procedure, you will receive information on what your insurance provider will cover as well as any leftover financial obligations you will be responsible for.

3. Understand co-pays, co-insurance and deductibles. All of these play into your individual coverage for vein treatment, and any procedure for that matter. Co-pays are often not applicable with high deductible plans and are usually printed on the front of your insurance card. Once you have met your deductible, you will be required to pay the agreed upon co-insurance until you reach your out-of-pocket maximum. Most insurance companies cover at 80% once you have reached your deductible leaving 20% of the cost up to you. You should understand, just because your procedure is covered by your plan, does not mean you will not receive a bill. If you have a remaining balance to meet your deductible or if you have co-insurance, you will get a bill.

Each individual insurance plan is different and the Premier Vein Clinic staff is committed to helping you navigate the details of your plan. Understanding insurance coverage and working through claims can be confusing, but the expert staff at Premier Vein Clinics will work with you every step of the way.

Do you suffer from painful symptoms of varicose veins? If so, Schedule a consult or call (865) 588-8229  and begin the process to see if treatment is necessary and what insurance coverage might look like for you.

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