tiny spider veinsAt Premier Vein Clinics, following treatments such as Ambulatory Phlebectomy, Endovenous Laser Therapy, or Radiofrequency Ablation Endovenous Therapy for larger varicose veins, you may have tiny spider veins that stick around. In most cases, our physicians offer one Sclerotherapy or Starlux Laser treatment to help you achieve the appearance you are looking for with your legs.

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder and while those tiny spider veins may not be a health risk to you, they may hold you back from looking your best in your own skin. Elite Skin and Laser Center is an affiliate of Premier Vein Clinics and offers an advanced treatment for spider veins using the Starlux® 1064 laser system.

Laser vein therapy gives patients precise results in eliminating tiny spider veins through a non-invasive laser treatment. Our licensed aesthetician will outline the vein utilizing laser heat, causing the immediate closure of the vein and ultimate dissolution back into the body. Depending on the size of the vein, it may immediately go away or gradually fade over time.

Removal of embarrassing spider veins through the use of the Starlux® 1064 laser does not require the down time associated with surgical removal of the veins. Many patients return to work the same day and following a Starlux® 1064 laser treatment there is no wrapping required. However, we do recommend avoiding heavy exposure to the sun for a few weeks post treatment.

Starlux® 1064 laser works best on first time varicose veins and facial veins. It should only be performed following the treatment of any significant venous issues and removal of varicose veins. These laser treatments are safe and for the most part, comfortable.

If your spider veins or tiny varicose veins are making you feel self-conscious, they are easily treated with the Starlux laser system. While this treatment is not normally covered by insurance, it is reasonably affordable for most people.

Talk with your Premier Vein Clinics physician about the Starlux® 1064 laser or call (865) 306-5757 to schedule a consultation with the staff at Elite Skin & Laser Center.

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