Seeing Vascular Disease More Clearly: The Role of Imaging in Screening & Diagnosis

Seeing Vascular Disease More Clearly: The Role of Imaging in Screening & Diagnosis

Gone are the days of a simple physical exam to diagnose varicose veins and design a proper treatment plan. Proper diagnosis is critical to effective treatment; therefore, the board certified vascular surgeons at Premier Vein Clinics utilize ultrasound technology to provide in-depth imaging to help fully understand the extent of your condition.

During the initial consult, patients will undergo a physical exam. This will include looking at the patient’s legs while sitting and standing as well as noting symptoms and medical history. If it is determined a level of venous disease is potentially present that could require treatment, an ultrasound may be recommended for a closer look at the blood flow in the superficial and deep veins and to check for any blood clots.

Premier Vein Clinics uses an ultrasound procedure known as duplex vein scanning to identify and assess abnormal valve function in the veins. This diagnostic test is a necessary step for the best long-term therapeutic results. It takes less than an hour and is covered by most insurance companies. Duplex vein scanning combines traditional ultrasound technology with Doppler. Traditional ultrasound utilizes high-frequency sound waves to create a structural image of the blood vessels and anything possibly obstructing the flow of blood. Doppler ultrasound applies high-frequency sound waves to illustrate the actual flow or movement of blood through the veins. Combined, these images provide your physician with a thorough look into the severity of your condition.

During this noninvasive diagnostic procedure, the patient will lie on an examination table and a small amount of warm gel is applied to the part of the body being examined. A handheld device will be placed on the legs and transitioned back and forth over the suspected affected area. The device sends and receives sound waves to a computer in turn generating images of the veins to assist in proper diagnosis. This procedure is conducted by a trained technician who will provide a summary of findings to the physician.

Adequate diagnostic examinations help to eliminate and pinpoint disorders causing pain and swelling in the legs. Through these procedures your physician can identify the proper course of action to bring relief of symptoms. If you are experiencing frequent pain and swelling of the legs, give Premier Vein Clinics a call at (865) 588-8229. We are happy to schedule a consult with one of our eight board certified vascular surgeons.

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