Jan-2015-Premier-Vein-3x6-Screening-Ad_Love-My-Legs-Lady-344409-edited-711306-editedDo you suffer from painful, swollen legs? Do you spend most of the day on your feet and rush home to find relief in elevating your legs? In January and February only, Premier Vein Clinics is offering FREE vein screenings for qualified candidates in Knoxville, LaFollette, Lenoir City, Maryville, Oak Ridge and Sevierville.

Don’t settle! You don’t have to experience leg pain and swelling every day – it is time to love your legs again! Proper diagnosis is critical to effective vein treatment and that is one reason Premier is offering FREE vein screenings with no physician referral required. During the initial screening, a vascular surgeon will examine your legs and veins while you are standing. An ultrasound may be recommended to check the blood flow in your deeper veins. The ultrasound procedure, also known as duplex vein scanning, is necessary for the best long-term cosmetic and therapeutic results.

The primary goal of treatment is to reduce symptoms and restore healthy legs. It is important to note, not all varicose and spider veins require medical treatment. If your varicose veins are causing pain and discomfort, making it difficult to walk or stand, it is likely compression therapy or medical treatment may be recommended. If it is determined treatment is needed, the board-certified vascular surgeons at Premier will restore your healthy, great-looking legs, free from varicose and spider veins, usually in about an hour.

Generally speaking, men and women with light or dark complexions can safely be treated with laser vein therapy. Individuals generally not considered ideal candidates for vein treatment are those on blood thinners, with serious illnesses, with dark suntans, have photosensitivity or bleeding disorders, or are taking photosensitizing medications. Most insurance companies will cover the diagnostics and treatment of varicose veins if it is deemed medically necessary. The professionals at Premier will work closely with you and your insurance company to ensure optimal coverage.

Request your FREE screening online or call (865) 588-8229. No more pain. No more worry. No more varicose veins! What are you waiting for?

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