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“I never realized I had “cankles” until after I had my varicose veinsKelly Kriehn2 - Veins treated,” confesses Kelly Kriehn of Knoxville, a recent patient of Premier Vein Clinics. “My husband says he can actually see my ankles, now that my “cankles” are gone.”

Not only have Kriehn’s ankles and legs stopped swelling, she no longer has painful, ropy veins protruding from each leg. Like nearly 50 percent of adults, Kriehn had been living with varicose veins. Her symptoms started about five years ago and progressively grew worse.



“I first noticed that my legs were throbbing and hurting when I worked out,” remembers Kriehn. “You could see the swelling as the blood pooled in my legs and ankles.”

Along with the pain and swelling, Kriehn’s veins developed a “snaky” look. “I would be fine first thing in the morning, but as soon as I got out of bed and stood up the swelling and “ropy” veins would start. The longer I stayed vertical, the worse they got.”

Kriehn sought help from vascular surgeon, Dr. Willard Campbell of Premier Vein Clinics. Through an ultrasound test, they learned that the veins in her legs weren’t functioning properly.

“Ultimately, it was taking 8 seconds for the blood to return up my legs. It’s supposed to take half a second,” says Kriehn.



The 46-year old Kriehn was surprised at the diagnosis. “I don’t have a job where I stand up all day. I’m active and exercise, but I still developed varicose veins.”

The Premier Vein Clinics staff worked with Kriehn’s insurance company to cover the medically necessary treatment of her varicose veins. Dr. Campbell used non-invasive endovenous laser therapy to heat and close the diseased veins in each leg. The veins were then removed through tiny incisions. The procedure was performed on each leg two weeks apart, in the Premier Vein Clinics office on Papermil Drive.

Kriehn wore compression bandages on her legs for a couple of weeks as she healed. She’s thrilled with the results.

“It’s been great! I didn’t realize how badly my legs always hurt until they were treated. Now, I don’t have to deal with elevating my legs every night when I get home from work.”

Although she was initially frightened by the idea of undergoing a vein procedure, Kriehn says it was worth it. “For me, it was never a vanity or cosmetic issue. It just got to be painful. Even if you’re scared, there is relief. Your legs and your quality of life can be so much better!”

Premier Vein Clinics is offering free consultations in January and February for qualified candidates. To make an appointment please visit or call (865) 588-8229.

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