Is It TimeIs it time to consult a physician about your varicose veins? Take this self-assessment to find out.

Whether you have painful, swollen legs, or unsightly ropy or spider veins, you’re not alone. Nearly 50 percent of American adults suffer from vein diseases; however, only a small percentage actually seeks treatment. The problems associated with varicose and spider veins can be more than skin deep. In some cases, they can cause serious health problems. Is it time for you to consult with a board-certified vascular surgeon about your varicose veins? Let’s find out!

Premier Vein Clinics has developed an online self-assessment to see if you should talk to a vein specialist about further screening and possible treatment of varicose veins. Fortunately, through diagnosis and treatment of varicose veins, you can halt the progression of the disease. Symptoms caused by venous disease can include aching leg pain, leg swelling, and leg fatigue. Patients frequently notice symptoms worsen as the day progresses. Relief of symptoms is often found by elevation of the legs or taking a seat after prolonged periods of standing. In the most severe cases, vein insufficiency can lead to skin discoloration and even ulcers.

Premier Vein Clinics is the region’s premier provider of vascular care. With seven board-certified vascular surgeons, you can count on these expert hands for proper diagnosis and treatment of vascular disease. Since 2004, Premier physicians have performed more than 10,000 vein procedures. With the goal of delivering the highest level of patient care focused on quality and safety – why would you go anywhere else?

Find out if you might find relief from the evaluation and treatment of your varicose veins with this self-assessment. This tool is not a substitute for medical advice and care from a qualified physician. You should always schedule regular exams with your primary care physician and talk with them regarding any concerns you may have. While only a healthcare professional can diagnose and treat your vein problem, we invite you to take this self-assessment to help initiate the conversation.

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