How to RecoverLaser heat can be used to treat small spider veins, as well as larger varicose veins. During a procedure utilizing laser technology, laser heat damages the vein causing scar tissue to form and closing off the vein. Now, without a source of blood, the vein will die and over time completely disappear. Simple laser procedures can be performed on the outside of your skin, while the treatment of larger varicose veins requires the passage of a laser fiber through a thin tube into the vein. Laser vein treatment requires only a local anesthesia or light sedative.

This treatment has been widely embraced over the previous approach of vein stripping, as it drastically reduces recovery time. Patients are able to walk immediately following their procedure. Most patients can expect to wear compression stockings for one to two weeks. Patients are encouraged to move around frequently and avoid extended periods of sitting during recovery. At Premier Vein Clinics, patients are requested to return two weeks following treatment to ensure success of the procedure.

Each patient at Premier Vein Clinics is unique and the golden rule to proper recovery is to follow the doctor’s orders given to you in the office immediately following your procedure. If you have questions, ask them, or call the nurse line if questions arrive after you get home. Most physician offices, like Premier Vein Clinics, also offer a Patient Portal that allows you to securely send your provider a question anytime of the day or night.

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