Schedule your consult today!A common reason for putting off the treatment of varicose veins is the cost. Rest assured, if your doctor agrees treatment is medically necessary, most insurance companies will help cover the cost. In general, most insurance providers approach vein treatments in one of two categories: medically necessary and cosmetic. Larger, more symptomatic veins are considered medically necessary and often covered by insurance. Treatments for smaller, less-symptomatic veins are not considered medically necessary and normally require out-of-pocket expenses. Your Premier Vein Clinics physician will evaluate your individual situation and provide the necessary steps to determine the severity of your condition.

Here are some things to keep in mind that could impact your out-of-pocket expenses when working with insurance companies and treatment of varicose veins:

  •  Co-Payment. This is the flat amount you pay at the time of a medical service or to receive a medication. Your co-pay is often printed on the front of your insurance card. If you have a high deductible plan, co-pays may not be applicable to you.
  • This is the fixed amount to be paid out-of-pocket before most, if not all, of the policy’s benefits can be utilized.
  • Co-Insurance. Once you have met your deductible, you will be required to pay co-insurance until you reach our out-of-pocket maximum. Many insurance companies pay 80%, which means you will be responsible for 20% of the final negotiated bill.
  • In Network/Out of Network. Premier Vein Clinics can quickly tell you whether our doctors participate in your particular plan. By utilizing In Network physicians, there is an agreed upon contract in place with your insurance company for pricing and coverage. By choosing an Out of Network physician you will be paying more in out-of-pocket costs as those contracts are not in place with your chosen provider.

Not all insurance companies are created equal and each individual plan is different, however, Premier Vein Clinics works with many insurance companies to help cover the cost of treatment. It is important to note, simply because your procedure is a covered service does not mean you will not receive a bill. Many people believe because the procedure is covered, they will not receive a bill. If you have a deductible and a co-insurance, you will get a bill.

Insurance companies can be very confusing, but the expert staff at Premier Vein Clinics will work with you to help you understand the details of your plan and obtain optimal coverage based on your policy.  Call (865) 588-8229 and schedule your consult today to see if your treatment is eligible for coverage by insurance.

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