Setting Clear Expectations for Vein TreatmentsThere is a clear connection between patient satisfaction and setting clear expectations on the front end of treatment. Perhaps the most important thing to note is each patient is unique therefore the physicians at Premier Vein Clinics work to develop an individualized treatment plan by determining what is actually desired by each patient, and what is clinically appropriate in their specific case.  Only then can proper and achievable goals be set. Treatments utilizing laser technology are the preferred method when applicable to avoid significant incisions.

Once a treatment plan is determined, patients are sent home with clear instructions for pre and post procedure preparation. It is important patients take the time to read through this information, as it will help them better understand steps needed to ensure the best possible outcome. It will also set clear expectations of limitations post procedure so proper accommodations can be made for work and personal activities.

While laser technology is not the preferred method of treating cosmetic concerns like spider veins, it is often used in treating and reducing the symptoms of venous disease. When using laser technology to treat venous disease, the focus is on reducing symptoms for patients. Symptoms include throbbing, aching, swelling, and venous leg ulcers.. Generally speaking, most patients can expect to experience a 90% reduction in symptoms following laser vein treatment. Patients should also understand procedures are designed to treat the venous disease, the underlying cause of varicose veins, and there are times where the damage done to the vein by years of reflux may be irreversible. In these severe cases, for the maximum relief of symptoms, physicians will often perform phlebectomy, a more invasive procedure that removes the diseased vein through small incisions.

Most people living with varicose veins do not know what it is like to “feel normal” – to complete simple tasks without life limiting leg pain. At Premier Vein Clinics, we want our patients to return to life without pain and feel “normal” again.

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