disappearing varicose veinsCooler weather has arrived and soon you will begin to incorporate long pants and long sleeves into your wardrobe, especially with the predictions of a colder than normal winter ahead. There are 6 Fridays until Christmas and surely it will be white in East Tennessee this year, right? Once January arrives, we are on the home stretch to Spring!
So, what does the winter forecast have to do with varicose veins? For those of you with varicose veins, you understand the physical pain associated with vein disease. However, for many of you it is just as painful to the eye. Perhaps you cannot remember the last time you wore anything above the knee because you have simply been too embarrassed for anyone to see the condition of your legs.
It is time to get ready for shorts weather because come springtime, your legs will be ready! If you have been considering a treatment for your vein disease, now is the time. Milder and cold weather months are the ideal time because to achieve optimal results, you will need to wear compression stockings following treatment for a week and protect your legs from overexposure to the sun. This is much easier done now than in the hot and muggy East Tennessee summer.
You deserve to be comfortable in your own skin and to have choices when selecting what to wear. October you see them but by the time March rolls around, now you don’t! Call (865) 588-8229 and discover your options for treatment of varicose veins – you don’t have to hide your legs any longer!

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