Exercise and Varicose VeinsIs it safe to exercise if I have varicose veins? I am at risk for varicose veins, is it safe for me to exercise? I am a healthy and active adult – how could I possibly have a vein disease? All of these are valid concerns when talking about exercise and varicose veins.

Truth be told, even athletes and all around healthy people can have varicose and spider veins. In fact, some exercises can even increase your risk of having vein disease. Varicose or spider veins are most commonly associated with individuals who experience long periods of sitting or standing for an extended period of time in their life. Hereditary factors, pregnancy and body weight can also serve as risk factors. Here are some exercise tips to help you maintain healthy veins for life.

The most important thing to keep in mind is simply to exercise. Certain exercises are better than other but above all, start moving to get your heart rate up and make it a regular part of your day. As you exercise, blood is pumped back to the heart from the calf muscle and veins in the arch of your foot. A strong calf muscle and arch in your foot promote healthy blood circulation and reduce your risk for vein disease. Here are a few safe exercises to get you moving:

Walking – Walking is a low-impact exercise that stretches and strengthens your calf muscle as well as other muscles in your leg. Set a goal to incorporate 30 minutes of walking three to five times a week. It is also helpful to use a pedometer or other tracking device to track progress towards your daily step goal. To help get those steps in, choose a parking spot farther away and opt for the stairs instead of the elevator.

Stationary Bike or Elliptical – Another low-impact option for exercise, utilizing a stationary bike or elliptical machine in your exercise routine works to improve blood flow without placing unnecessary stress on your joints and bones.

Exercise is an important piece of prevention when it comes to vein disease. You should always consult with your doctor before beginning a new exercise routine. To schedule a consultation to discuss exercise and varicose veins call