Schedule a consult today!Winter and the colder months leading into the season are ideal for people with vein issues. As you can expect, the heat of summer causes veins to dilate or stretch, worsening symptoms of vein disease. In addition, people who have serious concerns regarding the appearance of their legs are grateful for colder months so they can more easily cover veins with pants or other warmer garments. More importantly, colder weather sets the stage for an easier recovery and here is why:

  • Post-Treatment compression garments keep you warm – Most patients will be encouraged to wear compression stockings following their treatment to encourage continued blood flow throughout the legs. As you can imagine, in the summer this may not be an ideal recommendation from your doctor, but in cooler temperatures this can be a welcome recommendation for added warmth. Patients are much more likely to follow this recommendation from their doctor in the winter allowing for enhanced results post-treatment.
  • Time to heal – Patients of Premier Vein Clinics on average see a 90% reduction of symptoms fairly quickly after treatment. Although cosmetically, legs take a longer time to heal to show any noticeable differences following treatment. Generally, people cover up more during cooler months by wearing pants allowing ample time for legs to heal before the “big reveal” of your legs when warmer weather arrives.
  • Avoid direct sun exposure – Patients are instructed to avoid direct sun exposure following treatment and for obvious reasons this is much easier done in the winter. Patients who cannot avoid direct sun exposure following treatment should wear an SPF of 30 or higher.

There is one drawback to treatment in winter months. The consideration that many people opt to stay indoors and become less active during the winter months. Your physician will discuss with you the importance of staying mobile and stretching legs often to keep them healthy and maintain god circulation.

No matter the season, if you are experiencing symptoms from varicose veins – cramping, throbbing, aching, swelling – schedule a consult today (865) 588-8229. You are in expert hands at Premier Vein Clinics.

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