solve your painful leg problemsThe history of leg vein treatment goes back thousands of years. Evolving from irritating a diseased vein with a wire, to surgery, to the latest use of laser technology. Overall the goal for treatment has remained the same – to reduce symptoms including pain and reduce the risk of complications.

As with many medical procedures, the introduction of laser technology has drastically changed the way we treat varicose veins today. A highly focused beam of light, or laser, can be used to treat a varicose vein by focusing the light on the damaged vein causing scar tissue ultimately closing the vein. A closed vein will lose its source of blood and die off usually resulting in its complete disappearance after a year or two. Utilizing this minimally invasive technique reduces the actual procedure time and improves recovery time for patients. Using a simple laser treatment, spider veins and tiny varicose veins just under the skin’s surface can be corrected with a laser on the outside of your skin. For larger veins located deeper in the leg, a laser fiber will be passed through a microscopic tube, or catheter, into the vein. During this slightly more invasive procedure, doctors use ultrasound technology to guide them during the procedure.

With the use of laser light for the treatment of varicose veins, patients can expect to be able to walk following their treatment and can return to normal daily routine almost immediately. Following the treatment of larger veins, compression stockings will likely be used to aid in the recovery process. The use of laser technology is safe and effective although you want to choose a physician with significant experience in whatever treatment you choose as this will lessen the likelihood of side effects. Side effects of laser treatment can include skin burns, skin-coloring changes, nerve damage, or blood clotting.

Don’t let leg pain hold you back in life. Call Premier Vein Clinics and schedule a consult today. If varicose veins are found to be the cause of your symptoms, we welcome the opportunity to help you regain mobility and quality of life.

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