A 67-year-old male patient is thankful to Premier Vein Clinic and Dr. Willard B. Campbell for getting him back on his feet. For years this patient suffered from the painful symptoms of varicose veins preventing him from working on his farm and even mowing the yard. When the pain became unbearable, he sought treatment from Dr. Campbell upon recommendation of his primary care physician.

At the initial evaluation, the patient’s veins were as large as a man’s thumb and appeared knotty as many varicose veins do. After 90 days of compression socks with minimal relief, he underwent Endovenous Laser Therapy (EVLT) to close off the diseased veins in his left leg. A month later he returned to have the same procedure in his right leg.

As all patients should be, this individual was vigilant with follow up and post-procedure instructions and as you can see from his follow up photos, his legs have healed beautifully and he has returned to normal physical activity including working on the farm and mowing the yard.

varicose vein treatment before and after

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