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Every afternoon Charles Chadwell enjoys a long walk around his West Knox County neighborhood. The 71-year old especially enjoys theShop Chadwell leg veins fact that he can now walk and work without experiencing excruciating cramps in his legs. For years, Chadwell suffered from painful varicose veins.
“I had leg pain when I worked around my farm or mowed the lawn,” remembers Chadwell. “I had pain at night as well, and would have to keep my legs elevated. Eventually the pain progressed to where it was unbearable.”

Chadwell’s family physician recommended that he talk to vascular surgeon Dr. Willard B. Campbell of the Premier Vein Clinics, about treatment.

“Dr. Campbell inspected my legs and saw knotty veins that were about as big as a man’s thumb,” says Chadwell.

Initially, Chadwell tried compression stockings for 90 days. “They gave my legs relief, but when I’d take them off, the veins would hurt and stick out again,” states Chadwell.
So, in July, Dr. Campbell used Endovenous Laser Therapy (EVLT) to close off the diseased veins in Chadwell’s left leg. He then removed the veins through small incisions. A month later, Dr. Campbell performed the same treatment on the right leg.

“It’s a non-surgical, outpatient procedure that requires very little down time,” explains Dr. Campbell. “Most people see almost immediate relief and benefits.”

Chadwell agrees. “You can feel quite a bit of difference. It’s a progression of comfort. I’m very pleased with the procedure and my results.”

He says he was vigilant about following post-procedure instructions and elevating his legs and wearing the recommended compression stockings. “That’s the trick. I followed the instructions and was walking in a couple of days.”

Chadwell says he’s glad he no longer suffers from varicose veins. “It’s just wonderful. I don’t have the pain.”

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