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As an active, young guy who worked on his feet, Michael McCusker never expected to be sidelined by foot ulcers so severe he could hardly stand.
“It started about three years ago when I got home from work and my feet were so swollen,” remembers McCusker. “I noticed a sore about the size of a pencil eraser on my ankle.”

The 35-year old Knoxville chef sought treatment at a local clinic. But, two more painful sores soon developed on McCusker’s other ankle.

Eventually the pain became incapacitating. “I could barely stand up to brush my teeth or shower,” says McCusker. “I was almost ready to cut my feet off at the ankles, it was so painful all the time.”

Then, a friend introduced McCusker to Dr. George Pliagas of Premier Surgical Vein Clinics. Dr. Pliagas’ experience in venous and vascular disease allowed him to immediately diagnosis McCusker as having venous stasis ulcers. He quickly set up a treatment plan.

“Venous disease can range from simple spider veins to extreme cases in which the blood pressure in the leg veins is so high that your skin breaks down and forms ulcers,” explains Dr. Pliagas.
Leaky Dr. Pliagasvenous valves had allowed blood to backflow and pool in McCusker’s lower legs, causing the swollen ankles, pain, and eventually the ulcers.

In two separate outpatient procedures lasting 50-60 minutes at Premier Vein Clinics, Dr. Pliagas used the newest endovenous laser techniques to heal the ulcers.

McCusker is amazed with the result. “It’s totally changed my life! The sores closed up in about two weeks and the pain is now almost non-existent”.

Dr. Pliagas says treating venous disease early is key. “Symptoms include big ropy leg veins, swelling and pain. If your legs have dark spots or wounds that won’t heal, the damage is already being done,” he stresses. “Come to Premier Vein Clinics. We’re treating the source of these ulcers.”

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