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Christy Vincent is proud of aging gracefully. The 60-year-old woman stays fit and active managing the river and forest land with her husband on their 37-acre Claiborne County farm. Vincent’s youthful appearance has even led to modeling work with an area talent agency.

Despite her active lifestyle, Vincent has suffered from painful swelling and throbbing in her right leg for years.

“It kept me awake for 5 or 6 hours at night, every night,” remembers Vincent. And, in addition to the pain, Vincent didn’t liShop Veins Christy Mabryke the appearance of her leg.
“The veins in one spot below my knee would have a zig-zag look,” she says. “I tried to cover it with black or suntan stockings.”

Vincent was resigned to living with her painful varicose veins the best she could. “I thought it was just part of the aging process. I didn’t know you could do anything about it,” explains Vincent.

Then, she saw an advertisement for Premier Vein Clinics. Vincent scheduled a consultation with Premier vascular surgeon Dr. Donald Akers and was pleased to learn that her varicose veins could be treated.

“They do an ultrasound first that shows the trouble spots in your arteries and surface veins,” says Vincent. “People need to know that there is a procedure for it, and yes, insurance covers it.”

Dr. Akers performed an in-office ambulatory phlebectomy to remove the diseased veins from Vincent’s right leg.

“It’s a minimally-invasive procedure that uses tiny incisions to remove the veins in small segments,” explains Dr. AkeAkersrs. “The recovery time is shorter and there’s less damage to the leg than traditional vein stripping.”

Vincent, who was vigilant about wearing the recommended compression stockings after the procedure, is pleased with the result. “You do have some bruising as your leg heals, but my leg feels so much better.”

And, best of all leg pain is no longer keeping Vincent awake at night. “Now, when I hear women my age complain of vein pain, I tell them you don’t have to suffer. You can get help!”

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